Special Olympics Asia Pacific Ltd. (SOAP Ltd.) is a non-profit organisation registered in Singapore (registration no. 200906631E), and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) (no. V00759).

Special Olympics is dedicated to transforming the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities (ID), empowering them with the confidence and opportunity to realise their full potential and become contributing members of society. Fostering an inclusive environment for people with and without ID lies at the heart of all that we do.  

SOAP Ltd. relies on the support of the community and the public for donations that will go towards making a difference and promoting a more inclusive society for persons with ID. SOAP Ltd is currently not funded by the government.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What happens to the money that I donate? How does it help SOAP Ltd. in serving people with ID?

Beyond the Special Olympics Summer and Winter Games, which happens once every two years, your donation provides year-long training, healthcare and support for people with ID across the Asia Pacific. 80% of the funds raised will be used in Singapore to enable transformative experiences for people with ID, covering initiatives across four main focus areas – sports, health, youth outreach, and unified activities.

We transform lives through:

1) Singapore-based training programs that equip volunteers, sports coaches, healthcare professionals and parents/caregivers with skills and expertise to enrich the lives of people with ID, and

2) the delivery of Special Olympics training and development activities in Singapore that directly benefit Special Olympics athletes

Here’s what your donation can provide for:

  • S$900: Allows over 100 athletes with intellectual disabilities to be trained professionally by a sports coach, who has been certified through a regional Coach Development Program in Singapore.
  • S$700: Trains a physiotherapist in Singapore to work with people with profound and multiple disabilities (intellectual and physical) to improve their motor skills.
  • S$500 can fund a Young Athletes training program in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore for children aged 2 to 7 involving three coaches, with start-up equipment and activity manuals.
  • S$250 can fund a unified competition between two local schools involving athletes with and without ID in Vietnam.
  • S$100 can provide a team in Indonesia sports equipment such as four badminton rackets, a net, and shuttlecocks, or fund a Family Health Forum for 30 families in Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • S$50 allows a student with ID in Singapore to learn basic first aid skills in an inclusive environment.
  • S$15 can pay for a pair of running shoes for an athlete in Cambodia, where they sometimes train barefoot.
  1. Does all the money go directly to Special Olympics Asia Pacific Ltd.?

Yes. 100% of all the funds raised goes directly to SOAP Ltd. The online donation portal is a safe and convenient way for members of the public to donate to us as we accept only credit card transactions (strictly no cash transactions). All the monies are credited into SOAP Ltd’s bank account.


  1. What are some of the recent initiatives that Special Olympics Asia Pacific has done in Singapore?

Our mission is to be a driving force for social inclusion, where people with ID are welcome in their communities and enjoy equal rights and opportunities to learn, work, compete and play.  In 2016, we delivered quality sports training, health screenings, leadership training, youth advocacy and community outreach initiatives. Some of the year’s highlights include: 

  • Football Coach Development Program (Module 2) in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

Special Olympics Asia Pacific, in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (THF), kicked off a four-day training clinic to improve the skills of Special Olympics football coaches across the Asia Pacific region for people with ID. The groundbreaking training clinic, which took place in Singapore, saw two coaches from THF impart their expertise and knowledge in delivering high quality sports programs for athletes with ID. Coaches across the region were equipped with specialized knowledge and techniques to engage and provide quality football training to people with ID, as well as expertise in nutrition and fitness.

  • Collaboration with the Singapore Red Cross to launch Singapore’s first Inclusive Youth Club

Special Olympics Asia Pacific, together with partners, Singapore Red Cross and APSN Delta Senior School, launched Singapore’s first inclusive club for youth with and without ID. The club will equip members with first aid skills, by adapting the first aid curriculum for students with ID. Club members will work with other Red Cross Youth members from Singapore and beyond, to plan unified activities for youth with and without ID – both sports and non-sports related. The unified activities are conceptualized and funded by Special Olympics Asia Pacific, to bring together people with and without ID.

  • Floorball Train-the-Trainers seminar in Singapore

Coaches from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan and Bangladesh were equipped with skills and knowledge to improve the quality of sports training for people with ID, to fully equip them to send teams to the 2017 World Winter Games in Austria.

  • Motor Activity Training Program 

Special Olympics Asia Pacific welcomed therapists from 10 countries across the region, including India, New Zealand and the Philippines, to Singapore for the Motor Activity Training Program (MATP). They picked up skills to provide better care to and improve the mobility of people with multiple and profound intellectual and physical disabilities.


  1. What’s the difference between Special Olympics Singapore and Special Olympics Asia Pacific?

The Special Olympics movement is headquartered in Washington, with seven regional offices, and 169 country offices worldwide. Special Olympics Asia Pacific is one of the seven regional offices, and we support 28 country offices across the region, including Special Olympics Singapore. The role of Special Olympics Asia Pacific is to build capacity and equip volunteers, sports coaches, healthcare professionals and parents/caregivers with skills and expertise to enrich the lives of people with ID across the Asia Pacific region. We currently serve close to 1.5 million athletes with ID across the region.


  1. Are my donations tax-deductible?

Please note that your kind donation is non tax-deductible as we are not an Institution of Public Character (IPC) charity.


  1.  If I wish to cancel my monthly donation, how can I do so?

Every dollar is crucial to serve the cause of persons with ID. Hence, we hope that we can have your continuous support. However, if you need to cancel your donation, please get in touch with Online Support at simplygiving.zendesk.com and we will process your request immediately.

For more FAQ, please refer to: https://simplygiving.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/201183297-For-Donors